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January 17, 2018

What to drink this Spring & Summer

With the reintroduction and explosion of the classic Italian Aperitif, the Aperol Spritz, which took Sydney by storm last summer we ask the question, what will be this summer’s go to drink?

From a beer drinkers perspective, its hard to go past a tall-e of the very best, VB, while sitting in a sun drenched courtyard having a laugh with some of your mates, BUT, I highly doubt whether the kids on the grassy knoll looking over the picturesque Bondi Beach would agree, so lets explore some more options!


You don’t have to travel far to find a good Rosé these days but when you find one it could be one of the best experiences you have! Whether you like a light, crisp, dry flavor or a heavier sweet style of a Rosé we aren’t here to judge. Rosé has made a resurgence into the market over the last few years and it looks like it will hang around for while longer. Some of our favorite Rosés come from regions all over the world, some known for a good drop but some also not, here are a few options;

Rogers & Rufus Rosé – Barossa Valley, SA

Hollydene – Juul Loaded Fox Rosé – Hunter Valley, NSW

AIX – Rosé – Vin de Provence, France


This couldn’t be a broader range of drinks but if one thing screams summer it is Spiced Rum spiked Coconut, I mean fruit! A spiked coconut, a vody watermelon + other fresh deliciousnesses have been hits over the last few summers and I don’t think they will slow down, their obvious amazing taste + their insta worthy looks will see them here for another summer! Some places to check out are;

Pepe’s on the Beach’s Spiked Coconuts


Blenders are good. Real good. Whether your crushing some ice at home making a midday margarita or are behind the bar with a line 4 deep, they are super good. There were some cracker-blended cocktails that came out of last summer & we think they will continue to go from strength to strength. On a summers day the only bad thing is the possibility of a brain freeze but is that really an issue??

Its hard to decipher through all the possibilities for the Drink of Summer 16/17 and I keep reverting back to the VB but you know what, this summer the drink will be a mix of Rosé & a Blended Cocktail.

SO… what is it??

F R O S È … yes F R O S È

A mix of Rosè & a daiquiri! You’re welcome Sydney!

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