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January 17, 2018

Vermouth – taking us through the seasons

Vermouth is that essential cocktail ingredient, underpinning the Martini, Manhattan and Negroni, but it is also one that is overlooked at times. Vermouth is much more than just an ingredient in classic cocktails – or any cocktails for that matter, and its re-emergence into Australian drinkers’ repertoire comes at a time when consumers are increasingly interested in flavours, botanicals and drinks with a genuine story to tell.

Technically, Vermouth is a fortified wine with an ABV (alcohol by volume) that can range from 14.5% to 22%, and a wine content that must be higher than 75%. Generally speaking, Vermouth falls into two categories – sweet and dry. The quality of Vermouth is most influenced by the wine used at the base.

The Port uses only the finest vermouth, Martini Riserva Rubino Speciale and Noilly Prat Dry. We’re finding that Vermouth drinkers adore its lighter and fresh style, over heavy boozy cocktails. Vermouth plays perfectly to the ‘aperitivo’ moment, harbour side. It’s a moment that will extend well beyond the traditional promise of Autumn.

I can taste the Casoni Negroni’s NOW! Come and taste it for yourself, down at The Port.

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