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January 17, 2018

Behind The Bar

Sydney is a beautiful, outdoor-loving City, at its twinkly-Harbour best when bathed in sunshine. Perhaps that is why it always comes as a shock when the wet weather rolls in and the Sydneysiders are filled with gloom. But a rainy day does not have to mean moping about at home or flicking on Netflix. There is still a great bunch of things to enjoy around town. But… we think there is nothing better than a long lunch down at the Port whilst watching the raindrops fall into the Harbour. Rainy days are good for the Soul, right? So pull out the gumboots, brolly, your book or headphones and splash to it!

On this rainy March day – lets hop Behind the Bar and get to know a gem that can make your day spent at The Port a whole lot brighter.


Tom Corbett

How long have you been Behind the Bar?:

I’m one of The Port originals and have been behind the bars for 7yrs.

What can we find you doing on a rainy day?:

Schooling my roommates at FIFA

What food could you happily eat for the rest of your life?:

Pizza for sure

What artist or band do you always recommend when someone asks for a music recommendation?

Anderson Paak

Favourite beverage for those colder nights?:

Whisky neat

Favourite place on earth?:


What new skill would you like to learn?:

Learn another language… maybe Italian

What food have you never eaten but would really love to try?

I’d love to sink my teeth a shark

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