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New Years Day 2018

The Port & One Stop DJs invite you to New Year’s Day 2018. Situated in the very heart of Darling Harbour, the newly renovated waterfront venue offers a brilliant sun-soaked setting to celebrate the first day of the new year.

Tino Pinotek, AKA Purple Disco Machine who hails from Dresden, Germany began his ‘Deep Funk’ project back in 2009. Since then PDM has ruled the Beatport Deep House charts with a slew of infectiously groovy tracks, landing him the rank of #18 in Beatport’s All-Time Top 100 Artists.

With his Debut Album ‘Soulmatic’ due to drop any day now on Australia’s very own Sweat It Out Records, summer 2017/18 is set to be a huge one for Purple Disco Machine. At the peak of it all, his New Year’s Day set at The Port Darling Harbour.

Supported by Sydney’s very best in house music, there is no better way to spend your New Year’s Day.

Date: Monday 1st January 2018

Time: 12pm – 10pm





Supported By: ONE STOP DJS

Note: this is an 18+ event




Vermouth – taking us through the seasons

Vermouth is that essential cocktail ingredient, underpinning the Martini, Manhattan and Negroni, but it is also one that is overlooked at times. Vermouth is much more than just an ingredient in classic cocktails – or any cocktails for that matter, and its re-emergence into Australian drinkers’ repertoire comes at a time when consumers are increasingly interested in flavours, botanicals and drinks with a genuine story to tell.

Technically, Vermouth is a fortified wine with an ABV (alcohol by volume) that can range from 14.5% to 22%, and a wine content that must be higher than 75%. Generally speaking, Vermouth falls into two categories – sweet and dry. The quality of Vermouth is most influenced by the wine used at the base.

The Port uses only the finest vermouth, Martini Riserva Rubino Speciale and Noilly Prat Dry. We’re finding that Vermouth drinkers adore its lighter and fresh style, over heavy boozy cocktails. Vermouth plays perfectly to the ‘aperitivo’ moment, harbour side. It’s a moment that will extend well beyond the traditional promise of Autumn.

I can taste the Casoni Negroni’s NOW! Come and taste it for yourself, down at The Port.

Behind The Bar

Sydney is a beautiful, outdoor-loving City, at its twinkly-Harbour best when bathed in sunshine. Perhaps that is why it always comes as a shock when the wet weather rolls in and the Sydneysiders are filled with gloom. But a rainy day does not have to mean moping about at home or flicking on Netflix. There is still a great bunch of things to enjoy around town. But… we think there is nothing better than a long lunch down at the Port whilst watching the raindrops fall into the Harbour. Rainy days are good for the Soul, right? So pull out the gumboots, brolly, your book or headphones and splash to it!

On this rainy March day – lets hop Behind the Bar and get to know a gem that can make your day spent at The Port a whole lot brighter.


Tom Corbett

How long have you been Behind the Bar?:

I’m one of The Port originals and have been behind the bars for 7yrs.

What can we find you doing on a rainy day?:

Schooling my roommates at FIFA

What food could you happily eat for the rest of your life?:

Pizza for sure

What artist or band do you always recommend when someone asks for a music recommendation?

Anderson Paak

Favourite beverage for those colder nights?:

Whisky neat

Favourite place on earth?:


What new skill would you like to learn?:

Learn another language… maybe Italian

What food have you never eaten but would really love to try?

I’d love to sink my teeth a shark

Number 1 Hangover Remedy

Coconut water has been trending for some time now, and for a very good reason. The Hawaiians refer to Coconut water as “dew from the heavens”, because of it’s incredible health benefits, and I refer to it, as my number ONE hangover cure!

FYI: Did you know that during World War II and the Vietnam War, Doctors used Coconut water for intravenous IV solutions, when traditional water supplies were low and they discovered that it acts as an electrolyte replacement. It is so deliciously good for us because of the nutrients it contains. These include vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and a rich source of major minerals, such as potassium, calcium & magnesium. How can something so tasty be oh so healthy?!

Coconut water has a bunch of health benefits! These include: rehydration, immune system booster, decreasing heat stroke, improving blood circulation in diabetics and even anti-aging treatments. This heavenly drop not only has 15 times more electrolytes than popular sports drinks, but also super low in calories! Making it an amazing remedy for those horrible hangovers.

That’s why, down at The Port, we have the Port Rafina Cocktail. It is one of the finest summer cocktails on our delicious list and definitely one of my personal favourites! Featuring 42 Below Feijoa Vodka, Parassio Coconut Water, Kiwi Fruit, Lychee & Mint, it is the perfect dose of rehydration after a big summers day, or the most delicious ‘hair of the dog’ that you’ve ever tasted!

Next time you have a thirst that needs quenching, come and see us down at The Port.

Sharing is Caring at The Port

A study by the Appetite Journal suggests that sharing a meal with others actually makes you a better person! Since the early days, food has been connected with cooperation and promotes prosocial behaviour.
Some of my most favourite memories are paired with sharing food with a close group of friends or my family. It’s a way to show how much you care and creates a special connection for those who are involved.

sharing is caring

There’s a difference between ‘sharing a meal’ and sharing food. The full bonding effect comes when food is served on a large platter and meant to shared. Down at The Port, we appreciate this and have adopted sharing food as our speciality.

We have a range of delicious dishes, created to share. If you’re looking to come visit us and not sure what to order, some of our favourites to share are:

– Char Grilled Deep Sea King Prawns with Garlic Butter and Chilli – for $24.
– The Hot + Cold Seafood Plate, loaded with King Prawns, Baby Octopus, Cured Salmon, Kingfish Sashimi, Salted Cod Croquettes and Fried School Prawns, all for $60.
– We are also loving the succulent Boneless Fried Chicken with Watermelon Hot Sauce.


Next time you have a corporate meeting, dinner with friends, or a private celebration, consider The Port as a venue with a wide range of shareable platters from the Sea & the Land! We are sure that you will also find a favoured accompanying drop from our carefully selected list of twenty-six wines.

We are more than happy to cater for your sharing needs!

sharingiscaring_Image 3

What To Listen To This New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve is the day to celebrate the end of a calendar year and also a day to celebrate the beginning and restart of a new year.

With the final weeks of 2016 passing us by, we’ve cast our ears forward and put together a playlist of songs to bring in 2017.

While Christmas is for family, New Years is for family, close friends and time to celebrate! We feel the key to any celebration is getting the music just right, that’s why we’ve created this Spotify playlist to save you the hassle.

Our playlist includes a diverse range of genres there’s dance music, classic house, disco, pop, to the hits of 2016, hip hop to some golden oldies. Any of these would be the perfect New Year’s party songs to listen to when the clock strikes midnight. Because having the best songs for NYE means it will be the best New Year’s Eve, right?

Plug this playlist on for your pre-drinks, before joining us for our first NYE!

The Port is Sydney’s newest waterfront lock out free venue and is the perfect location to watch Darling Harbour’s infamous NYE firework display and party into the New Year, with complimentary champagne on arrival, roaming canapés from 7:00pm & champagne at midnight to toast in 2017.

The Port is also offering a limited number of cabanas, VIP & bottle services packages for the evening, let us bring the party to you and your crew.  A world class venue and back drop deserves world class entertainment to accompany it, that’s why we’ve hand picked two of our favourite headline artists to help us bring in the New Year in style, Joey Negro & Late Nite Tuff Guy.  VIP PACKAGES + WATERFONT CABANAS AVAILABLE!

What to drink this Spring & Summer

With the reintroduction and explosion of the classic Italian Aperitif, the Aperol Spritz, which took Sydney by storm last summer we ask the question, what will be this summer’s go to drink?

From a beer drinkers perspective, its hard to go past a tall-e of the very best, VB, while sitting in a sun drenched courtyard having a laugh with some of your mates, BUT, I highly doubt whether the kids on the grassy knoll looking over the picturesque Bondi Beach would agree, so lets explore some more options!


You don’t have to travel far to find a good Rosé these days but when you find one it could be one of the best experiences you have! Whether you like a light, crisp, dry flavor or a heavier sweet style of a Rosé we aren’t here to judge. Rosé has made a resurgence into the market over the last few years and it looks like it will hang around for while longer. Some of our favorite Rosés come from regions all over the world, some known for a good drop but some also not, here are a few options;

Rogers & Rufus Rosé – Barossa Valley, SA

Hollydene – Juul Loaded Fox Rosé – Hunter Valley, NSW

AIX – Rosé – Vin de Provence, France


This couldn’t be a broader range of drinks but if one thing screams summer it is Spiced Rum spiked Coconut, I mean fruit! A spiked coconut, a vody watermelon + other fresh deliciousnesses have been hits over the last few summers and I don’t think they will slow down, their obvious amazing taste + their insta worthy looks will see them here for another summer! Some places to check out are;

Pepe’s on the Beach’s Spiked Coconuts


Blenders are good. Real good. Whether your crushing some ice at home making a midday margarita or are behind the bar with a line 4 deep, they are super good. There were some cracker-blended cocktails that came out of last summer & we think they will continue to go from strength to strength. On a summers day the only bad thing is the possibility of a brain freeze but is that really an issue??

Its hard to decipher through all the possibilities for the Drink of Summer 16/17 and I keep reverting back to the VB but you know what, this summer the drink will be a mix of Rosé & a Blended Cocktail.

SO… what is it??

F R O S È … yes F R O S È

A mix of Rosè & a daiquiri! You’re welcome Sydney!

What’s in this Spring

You’ve heard of the hit TV show ‘Orange is the new Black’, well get set for ‘Blood Orange is the new Black’!

The most in season fruit at the moment.

Whether you are crushing it up into a juice, squeezing it into your Gin & Tonic or adding it to seared scallops, Blood Orange is everything you ever wanted from a fruit.

From the South to your Mouth.

Southern NSW areas such as Griffith, Wagga Wagga & the surrounds are ideal citrus growing areas.

“The area’s cooler winter climates & warmer summer months create a perfect nesting ground for all citrus. We have seen that by a lot of larger corporations buying up land”

What ever is in the soil down there, we hope it they keep it up!

For all your Bloody (orange) needs, get down to The Port!